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Sylvi Fae

Sylvi is a PMBI level 1 certified instructor and an all around fantastic rider. She is a veteran instructor and has the ability to take your skill limits and substantially increase them. She will charm you into riding with confidence and you will have the best time doing it.

Wendy Palmer

Wendy is a PMBI level 2 certified instructor. She has a deep understanding of bike handling skills. Her ease of explanation, fluidity on trail, and fun personality will inspire confidence in your learning process. You will become a better rider and you will understand why.

Tyler Palmer

Tyler was one our finest coaches and a finer human being. He tragically did not survive a car accident in early 2019. His legacy for those who have had the distinct honor of being taught by him or knew him will live on forever. We couldn't possibly express the hole in our hearts for this devastating loss.

(Tyler is a PMBI level 1 certified instructor. Tyler is without question one of the funnest riders around and has a background in downhill racing. His natural teaching skills paired with his technical riding skills allow him to show you the way.)

Beth Roberts

Beth is a PMBI level 1 and BICP level 2 certified instructor and has raced Downhill and Enduro at the professional level. With 20 years mountain bike guiding experience, Beth has coached countless cycling enthusiasts to be more comfortable and confident riding bikes. She is patient and personable and loves to ride bikes.

Corie Spruill

Corie is an Alaska girl who found her heart in the desert on two wheels.  Corie’s technical skills reflect her love for Moab and the landscape it offers as a mountain biker. A level 2 IMBA certified coach Corie’s enthusiasm and knowledge will provide an opportunity to play and practice on your bike, instill confidence, and help build your skills.

Ashley Lilly

Ashley is an ICP level 2 certified Instructor and has a deep love for the sport. She began her riding career with reckless abandon and quickly earned the nickname 'Smashley'. She learned how to reign in her enthusiasm and focus it on skill building. She is now an extremely talented technical rider and has the ability to teach that to others. 

Scott for MMTBI (2).jpg
Scott Pauker

Scott is an ICP Level 2 Certified Instructor. He loves all styles of riding from technical downhill and climbing to long-distance bikepack touring. Having honed his technical skills in his late 30s, Scott is very conscious of progressive skill building to avoid injury and maximize fun. He has a deep passion for lifelong learning and for teaching all things bike.